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      Below you find frequently asked questions regarding Great Shine's environmentally friendly prefab homes.


      Frequently asked questions

      Construction related
      • Modular houses are built using large prefabricated components, mainly using Aluminium-Zinc coated steel. Joined together the components comply with requirements for wind resistance, seismic activity and load bearing capacity.
      • The structure and materials of our modular houses are engineered to be used for well over a 50 years. Safety guaranteed!
      • We employ a rapid construction process using prefab components that allows us to build a 150 square foor villa in under 30 days.
      • Wall materials for our modular houses meet the latest national environmental standards criterias: they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are extremely fire retardant. Our modular systems weigh only 1/7th of what a concrete system would weigh, while the resistance to earthquakes, noise and heat is 20% stronger.
      Technical information
      • We used 550Mpa high-strength steel treated with a hot-dip aluminium coating that protects the steel during the entire house's lifespan. Our steel will last over 50 years, however, we recommend not to use our housing systems in strong acidic and alkalic conditions.
      • Modular houses have the same requirements for foundation as traditional buildings do. You can choose to build your modular house on strip footing, mat foundation or slab foundation.
      • Because our housing system is made of tough and flexible steel, it is a natural choice for environments where winds are strong and earthquakes are powerful. Our houses can withstand 12Bft winds and earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter Scale.
      • We employ 3 measures for thermal insulation: The external walls are insulated with XPS plates, while the internal walls are insulated withglass fiber cotton. We also use wall cavities as a form of insulation. All 3 options are used in northern China, but we can adjust our systems to fit your local situation.
      • Modular houses are slightly more expensive compared to traditional houses. This is because the materials used are new types of materials with improved moisture shielding and sound and thermal insulation properties; improving comfort level and energy efficiency of modular houses.
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